Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What else is there

Don't have a CR-48 yet, not a fan of the cloud, worried about being tracked by a big corporation well hordes of programmers feel your pain.  The open source movement has many programs, everything from operating systems  to free version of popular programs or games.

If you want to try something other than windows there's a multitude of Unix flavors such as GNU Operating System.  Now if you want some real variety there is Linux.  I played with Ubuntu a few years ago a fairly mainstream version of Linux.  I'm not sure but the more esoteric and harder to use a Linux dstro is the more geek cred you get so Ubuntu will let you look down on windows users.  You can dual boot if your not ready to completely make a change.

Not ready to change your operating system then how about using an alternative to Microsoft Office.  Try Open Office or the Oracle free branch LibreOffice.  The real advantage of these two is that the next time you by a computer you don't have to shell out for MS-Office.

Want to compress files try 7-zip.

Do you think the government, your spouse, the Illuminati or some guy named Tim are spying on you then try True Crypt.  I tried True Crypt a few times but I don't have anything that needs encrypting. Pro Tip: don't download True Crypt instead get a copy of the source code, vet each line and compile it yourself, this is the only way to be sure there are no back doors.

Too cheap to pay for Photoshop try GIMP instead.  I've used this for several years at work for doing clean up of technical illustrations.  It has tutorials and a ton of functions what I've used is just the basics.

Games and everything else.

If you do try something let me know.

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