Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lord help me I'm just not that bright

I was testing this little computer; seems testing is an important sounding word for playing.  I read that used flash and wasn't the greatest on a Linux based computer.  In the name of research I watched last nights episode of Fringe.   This is serious research.  The video was fine but the power saver kept dimming  the screen.  A quick search did not show any solutions to reseting the power saver settings.

When it comes to computing I'm a small fish in a big pond.  Any questions I have some one else has had before me.  Anything I figure has been worked out long before I even started.  Making a unique contribution to Chrome OS knowledge is a little like making a unique contribution to commuting knowledge.  Sure I'm one of the few people who know what lane to drive in but I'm not the only one.  So power saver settings was my big chance to leave my footprints in the sands of development.

I pocked around the code - Chrome OS is open source so you can a copy of the source code.  Google - long may their stock rise - provides search ability so looking for power save or screen saver is easy.   Then I started poking around the files on this computer (file:///usr/share/chromeos-assets/) but I could only go so far.  So I powered down, removed the battery, took of a piece of tape, and flipped the jailbreak switch.  I then waited a few minutes and rebooted.  I got a the sad screen and a request to install a thumb drive which I didn't have.  I powered down and flipped the switch back no problem. The screen came up, I logged in and the computer shut down.  I got that feeling.

Back in the dark recess of time when the PC was new I was a programmer on a black project.  As the PC was new and the project black there was only one for us to work on.  We had the approved code in one directory and the development code in other directories.  Once code was debugged it was moved from the the development directory in to the production directory and deleted from the development directory.  It was late, I moved the code, I deleted the code and then I recompiled.  The recompile fail because I deleted all the code in the production directory.  I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach, almost sick.  (I may be stupid but at least I'm aware of it so I had been doing back-ups often.  I reload everything from the back-ups and got back to work.  This did annoy the self important project manager as he was sure this was done to reload a game he deleted from the computer earlier. )

Getting back to Chrome OS and my little computer, It restarted but in a fresh fro the box fashion.  I had to start anew but as most everything was saved to the cloud I didn't loose any thing.  I can feel that feeling slowly fading.

It would seem that my footprints in the sands of development are to be a cautionary note to others.

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