Friday, February 18, 2011

Chrome OS Linux

Chrome OS seems to have a bit of Apple in it.  Chrome OS isn't  readily available to download and run on an Intel/AMD computer.  Right now you can’t just make your own CR-48 as Chrome OS is customized to run on a particular hardware.   You can get Chromium OS the open source operating system project.  Before you run of and try this you don’t get an image that can be loaded on a thumb drive, you get a bunch of code that can be added to a board for testing in four easy steps.

There is an alternative.  There is a Linux distribution that looks more like the Chrome OS.  Chrome OS Linux looks nice.

It also has a nice list of default programs:
  • GNOME 2.30 desktop environment
  • Google Chrome 10.0.648 web browser
  • Google Picasa 3.0 photo manager
  • LibreOffice 3.3 office suite
  • GIMP 2.6 image editor
  • Wine Windows emulator 1.2
  • Pidgin 2.6 instant messenger
  • Dashboard with social toolbar
  • Control Center

I haven’t had a chance, nor do I have any hardware available, to try this but it has caught my attention.  I don’t think it would boot as fast as Chrome OS because it is a larger operating system.  On the other hand it would be more than a net book.

Buddha  would be unhappy with me now, I get the CR-48 and all I do is desire new computers and diferent operating systems.

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