Sunday, February 13, 2011

I get mail

There are several excellent online communities dedicated to Chrome and Chrome OS but Google decide to set up their own.  Get a CR-48 and get added to the Chrome Notebook Pilot group.  Unfortunately a snafu resulted in everyone getting an email for every post.

Earlier this morning, you may have received a large number of emails from regarding the Chrome notebook Pilot program user forum. We apologize for this inconvenience, and you will not receive any more messages from this address. Instructions for deleting these messages are at the end of this email.

What happened? We planned to launch our Chrome Notebook Pilot forum next week to all users who had been selected for the Pilot program. Last night, around midnight Pacific time, a user discovered this forum and posted a message. Unfortunately, we had misconfigured this forum to email every post to every member. Thus, the first post started an avalanche of responses. Some messages were unsubscribe requests, others were thoughtful comments or questions, but all of them were emailed to every user. We have since deleted this group. 
I joined the new group but I'm not impressed.  I feel like I'm flashing back to 1997, people more eager to post than think.  I only quickly looked but most of the questions could be answered by keeping up with documentation - release notes, known issues etc.  Maybe after an initial silliness  this group will settle down and provide some real information.

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