Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Behind the Curtain

There have been some decent open source operating systems1 so why is Google going to all the cost of doing their own.  I think the answer is eyeballs.  A browser based operating system that runs on inexpensive hardware will bring more people to the web.  More people who will use Google's tools and look at Google ads.

For about $180- the same as a retail copy of windows 7 home premium- that new flat screen can be converted to a internet device which can play Google TV.  For the cost of a screen, a key board and a small computer a library, school or business can do most of what people do with a computer.  Instead of paying for a traditional PC and software you can save a lot of money and view Google ads.

When I was a freshman one of the guys has an IBM PC XT.  This would have cost about $6500 in todays dollars.

1 if you have some old hardware kicking around this is an easy and fun way of getting some more life out of it.

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