Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Microwave effect

Before I had a microwave reheating food involved pots and pans and the stove.  Now you can have popcorn in three minutes and reheat left-overs in 90 seconds.  Of course those 90 seconds seem to take for ever.

Today I had to cold start a windows laptop today to just check just one thing.  The CR-48 with a solid state data storage and a smaller operating system cold boots in ten seconds and wakes up from hibernating* in 1.2 seconds.  This just makes restarting a Windows computer seem all the more slow.

*The CR-48 goes to sleep when the cover is shut and wakes up 1.2 seconds later, it is like having a computer is alway on.



  1. Congrats, you made it much further than 4 posts. Also, the 1.2 second wake up is necessary when you're google and you're monitoring everything like any evil overlord would.

  2. I am obligated to remind you that Google will do no evil.

  3. Who gets to define the parameters of evil though?

  4. Who gets to define the parameters of evil though?

    As with all things I define it, good, evil what ever.