Friday, February 18, 2011

I start to notice my surroundings

You never notice something then when you become aware of it you start seeing it every where.  Only after talking about privacy and concerns about  what information Google was mining and how it would be used did I notice this bit of open source programing.  All the advantages of the chrome browser but with the sections of code that report usage removed.  Chrome is open source so the code is freely available and can be modified as desired.

I tried this at lunch today, it can be run along side of chrome.  Iron is nearly identical to chrome with the only difference being that Chrome has an app store and Iron has a blog of vetted apps.  Everything else seems to work the same.  If you want you can run apps from the chrome app store but having apps that can access your info and might report it defeats the purpose of a non-reporting browser.

Next up thinking about the lottery and hoping to stumble across the winning numbers.

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